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90 Minute Workshop Presenter

2020 CAPO Conference: 90 Minute Workshop Presenter Instructions

All 90 minute workshop presentations will be live (unless otherwise requested by the presenter). To determine your speaking time please consult the program. A total of 90 minutes has been allocated for each workshop presentation. This time allotment includes your question period.

Speakers and Presenters are requested to send electronically your PowerPoint presentation by no later than June 22, 2020. Instructions appear below. Please submit both a PPT and PDF of your powerpoint presentation.

We encourage you to submit your presentations as early as possible, June 22 is the absolute cut-off date.

Live Poll

If you are submitting a live poll for your presentation please keep the character limit for each question and answer to 50. You will have only 5 options for answers. Please use the link corresponding to your presentation type to submit.


If you will be submitting a handout to go along with your video presentation for attendees to download please submit a PDF. Please use the link corresponding to your presentation type to submit.

HOW TO: Submit & Upload your presentation

Note: All oral presenters must submit their PowerPoint presentations electronically by no later than the date stated above (by presentation type).

The CAPO Conference uses File Request Pro to collect and receive all files and presentations.

Please use the link provided below.

1.     Use the link provided "LINK"

2.     Drag your files into the upload area. You can drag multiple files (video, documents etc.) at once.

3.     Then fill out your abstract id #, first and last name and hit "send files". Once the upload is complete, you can close the window.

4.     The files are stored in File Request Pro, but are also sent to our Google Drive automatically.

5.     A folder is automatically created with your name inside the respective panel folder.


HOW TO: Name your submission materials

Please use the below naming conventions to name all of your materials (PowerPoint presentation, video, poster, documents etc.) Once your recording and/or PowerPoint presentation is ready you will need to save it with your assigned Abstract number and your first and last name.



If your information is:                                         Your saved file name would be:

Abstract Number: 23                                          23_Stan_Smith.pptx

First name: Stan                                      

Last Name: Smith

Please do not add any other characters when naming, it must begin with a pure number for sorting and programming purposes.


If you experience any difficulties uploading your files please contact [email protected] for further assistance.


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●    Quality Video from your smartphone

      How to Share your screen

      How to use a Virtual Background


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