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2024 call for nominations is now closed.

1. Nomination Process

To nominate a CAPO member for one of these Awards of Excellence, please see below:

  • Nominators do not need to be CAPO members. It is the responsibility of the nominators to obtain permission from the nominee to put their name forward for the award.

  • Application for the award will consist of:

    • a curriculum vitae or resume of the nominee,
    • a letter of nomination from the primary nominator summarizing the nomination submission,
    • one letter of reference from individuals familiar with the nominee’s contributions. The letter of nomination will specifically state why the nominee is deserving of the award by providing evidence for how the individual has contributed to the enhancement of psychosocial oncology in Canada, through their scientific and research endeavors, clinical practice, or education or policy (depending on award they are being nominated for).
    • It is the responsibility of the nominators to obtain permission from the nominee to put their name forward for the award (letter or email).
  • Complete nomination packages must be submitted ONLINE to the Chair(s) of the Awards Committee (c/o the CAPO office) by no later than April 12, 2024. Submit online using the following links depending on which Excellence award you are submitting a nomination for:
Clinical Excellence
Education Excellence
Research Excellence
    • Nominations and supporting documentation can be submitted in either French or English.

    • In the event of multiple nominees, the Awards Committee will invite members of the CAPO Board (barring those with conflicts of interest) to vote in order to attain a recipient of the award. In the event of a tie vote, the last three CAPO past presidents, excluding the immediate past president (who are clear of any conflict of interest) will review the tied nominations and vote amongst themselves to select a winner.

    • If no suitable recipients are nominated, no award will be given.

    • There is no monetary value to these awards.

    2. CAPO Award for Clinical Excellence

    This award shall be presented by the Awards Committee and the Board of Directors of the association to a CAPO member in recognition of outstanding clinical contributions to the field of psychosocial oncology in Canada.

    1. The recipient will have made his or her contributions as a practitioner in applied psychosocial work in oncology;

    2. Nominees must be registered or licensed to practice in their field, and have been practicing in the field of psychosocial oncology for a minimum of 5 years;

    3. Nominees must demonstrate outstanding clinical contributions to psychosocial oncology. The award focuses on the distinctive contribution made in providing or developing services to patients and families; and/or in clinical supervision of others.

    4. Award recipients must register and attend the annual CAPO conference (in person or virtually) in order to be eligible.

    Innovation and sustained successful clinical service should be what distinguishes the recipient of this award.

    The 2024 CAPO Award Recipient for Clinical Excellence is Dr. Pamela Mosher

    Dr. Pamela Mosher, MD, MDiv, is a staff psychiatrist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, Ontario, in Psychosocial Oncology, Supportive Care, and the Adolescent Young Adult (AYA) Program.  She co-founded and leads the psychosocial arm of AYA Supportive Care Clinic, an outpatient collaborative clinic between psychosocial oncology and palliative care that supports adolescents and young adults with advanced cancer and/or significant symptom burden. She is passionate about teaching and mentoring trainees of all levels, from a variety of disciplines, within the interdisciplinary model of the clinic. She is additionally a consultant psychiatrist to the Pediatric Palliative Care (PACT) and Oncology teams at Sick Kids Hospital, where she previously worked as a CL psychiatrist.  She is the sole child/adolescent psychiatrist in Canada with pediatric palliative care background and expertise. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto. Prior to moving to Toronto, Dr. Mosher worked at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as both a pediatric palliative care physician and Consultation-Liaison/Emergency Psychiatrist.  

    Dr. Mosher’s professional areas of interest and focus include the psychological impact of life-limiting physical illness on children, adolescents, young adults and their families; building collaborations between palliative care and psychosocial oncology clinicians to better understand and reduce the emotional and physical suffering that younger adult/pediatric patients with advanced cancer experience; grief in pediatric and young adult populations, and within families; advocating for grief awareness and education in medical training; and educating trainees from various disciplines about these vital areas of need.

    Dr. Mosher is originally from the US, where she obtained a Master of Divinity at Harvard University, a medical degree at Stanford University, and completed a combined residency and fellowship in Pediatrics, Adult Psychiatry, and Child/Adolescent psychiatry at Brown University. She is a 2011 recipient of the Laughlin Fellowship award from the American College of Psychiatrists.

    Past Award of Clinical Excellence recipients:

    • 2022 Recipient: Dr. Madeline Li (ON)
    • 2017 Recipient: Dr. Steven Simpson (BC)

    • 2016 Recipient: Sarah Sample (BC)

    • 2015 Recipient: Sheila Damore-Petingola (ON)

    • 2014 Recipient: Dr. Marc Hamel (QC)

    • 2012 Recipient: Dr. Michael Speca (AB)

    • 2011 Recipient: Dr. Maru Barrera (ON)

    • 2010 Recipient: Dr. John Robinson (AB)

    3. CAPO Award of Education Excellence

    This award shall be made to recognize a CAPO member who, in the opinion of the Awards Committee and the Board of Directors of the association, have made a significant contribution to education and training in psychosocial oncology in Canada. The recipient of this award must meet the following criteria:

    1. Whose influence on psychosocial education and training has been exercised through excellence and/or leadership as a teacher;

    2. Whose work as a teacher, supervisor and/or administrator has influenced the methods and settings utilised in education and training, in ways of significant benefit to psychosocial oncology;

    3. Whose scholarship or accomplishments in education and/or training has brought about changes or enhanced the knowledge base in these areas.

    4. Award recipients must register and attend the annual CAPO conference (in person or virtually) in order to be eligible.

    In whatever form the individual’s contributions are regarded as distinguished, the impact of the work shall have been on education and training in psychosocial oncology in Canada.

    The 2024 CAPO Award Recipient for Education Excellence is Andréa Maria Laizner, RN, PhD

    Andréa Maria Laizner, RN, PhD is a Nursing Practice Consultant for Research in the Nursing Directorate of the McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She is an Assistant Professor (part-time) in the Ingram School of Nursing, McGill University as well as is an Associate Investigator in the Cancer Research Program of the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre. Her vast career in nursing, both in academic hospital settings and in the community, sparked a life-long interest in psychosocial oncology, clinical practice, education, administration and research. As a result, she mentors students, nurses and other clinicians in research related activities and knowledge translation. Believing in networks, her collaborations focused on family functioning, comfort and symptom management in vulnerable populations, using different interventions such as providing information and/ or stress reduction strategies either in-person, via information booklets or via web-based applications or the Opal patient-facing app.

    Dr. Laizner’s contributions included volunteer work with a support group for parents with cancer and their school-aged children. This led to being a co-author on the Canadian Association for Psychosocial Oncology’s Start the Talk Modules for health care workers and teachers. Subsequently, she ensured that these modules were adapted for patients and their families in English and French. She collaborated with community organizations such as Leucan, and currently with Cedars CanSupport at the McGill University Health Centre, as well as with the Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology and Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology. These endeavors have led to numerous conference presentations and publications.

    Past Award of Education Excellence recipients:

    • 2022 Recipient: Dr. Linda Carlson (AB)
    • 2021 Recipient: Dr.Guy Pelletier (AB)
    • 2018 Recipient: Andrew G. Matthew (ON)

    • 2017 Recipient: Joan Hamilton (NS)

    • 2014 Recipient: Dr. Josée Savard (QC)

    • 2013 Recipient: Susan Blacker (ON)

    • 2012 Recipient: Dr. Doris Howell (ON)

    • 2011 Recipient: Dr. Deborah McLeod (NS)

    • 2010 Recipient: Dr. Carmen Loiselle (QC)

    4. CAPO Award for Research Excellence

    This award supported by CAPO shall be made to recognize a member who, in the opinion of the Awards Committee and the Board of Directors of the association, has made a significant research contribution to Psychosocial Oncology. The recipient of this award must meet the following criteria:

    1. Whose research has substantially enhanced the knowledge base of psychosocial oncology;

    2. Whose research demonstrates originality and innovative contributions to the field, or to the research method;

    3. Whose research has been supported by national research funding agencies, and has been frequently published in peer-reviewed journals;

    4. Who demonstrates evidence of dissemination at national and/or international conferences.

    5. The nomination will be strengthened by one or more of the following:

    6. The recipient of the award has

      • served on provincial, national, or international research committees;

      • served as a grants reviewer and/or panel chair for provincial and national research funding agencies;

      • served as a peer reviewer of research manuscripts for oncology journals; and

      • assisted in the organization of research conferences by serving as a conference chair, member of the scientific committee, and/or abstract reviewer.

      • Award recipients must register and attend the annual CAPO conference (in person or virtually) in order to be eligible.

    The 2024 CAPO Award Recipient for Research Excellence is Dr. Sylvie Lambert

    Sylvie Lambert, RN, PhD is Associate Professor and Associate Director of Research at the Ingram School of Nursing, McGill University; and Scientist at the St. Mary’s Research Centre, Montreal. Sylvie is also the recipient of a CIHR Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in self-care and illness self-management support interventions. In this position, the objectives of her research programs include: 1) developing and evaluating low-cost self-care and illness self-management interventions that are sustainable to enhance translation in practice, 2) implementing real-world patient-reported outcome (PRO) and caregiver-reported outcome (CRO) screening programs, 3) adapting evidence-based self-management interventions to the needs of patients from a culturally and linguistically diverse background and their caregivers, and 4) using advanced psychometric approaches for improving the precision and efficiency of outcome evaluations. One of Dr Lambert’s key study is TEMPO, which stands for a tailored web-based self-management and physical activity program for men with prostate cancer and their caregivers. A pan-canadian trial of TEMPO was recently funded by CIHR. She is also leading e-IMPAQc for the electronic implementation of patient-reported outcomes across the cancer continuum in Quebec. Sylvie has received national and international recognition of her work in the form of several awards and prizes.

    Past Award of Research Excellence recipients:

    • 2023 Recipient: Dr Sophie Lebel (ON)
    • 2022 Recipient: Dr. Fiona Schulte (AB)
    • 2021 Recipient: Dr. Shane Sinclair (AB)

    • 2020 Recipient: Dr. Jennifer Jones (ON)

    • 2019 Recipient: Dr. S. Nicole Culos-Reed (AB)

    • 2018 Recipient: Dr. Doris Howell (ON)

    • 2017 Recipient: Dr. Gary Rodin (ON)

    • 2015 Recipient: Dr. John Oliffe (BC)

    • 2014 Recipient: Dr. Tom Hack (MB)

    • 2013 Recipient: Dr. Keith Wilson (ON)

    • 2012 Recipient: Dr. Kerry Courneya (AB)

    • 2011 Recipient: Dr. Elizabeth Maunsell (QC)

    • 2010 Recipient: Dr. Linda Carlson (AB)

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