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    Contact Email Address
    [email protected]

    Name of the person
    Meghan McDonough

    Name of lab
    Relationships and Exercise Lab

    Associate Professor

    Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary



    Your research interests in psychosocial oncology
    Exercise psychology, particularly the role of social relationships and social support in physical activity and psychological well-being.

    Up to three projects you are currently focusing on

    Project One
    Lived experiences of social support in group exercise programs 
    In this qualitative study we are examining participants' experiences of being supported, and the actions and functions of that support.

    Project Two
    Associations between social support, physical activity, and quality of life. 
    We have a series of quantitative studies investigating various forms of support, and their associations with physical activity and quality of life outcomes

    Project Three
    Social barriers and challenges in group activities for cancer survivors.
    Groups can provide opportunities for interactions, but also social barriers and difficulties. We are investigating survivors' experiences with group interactions in physical activity contexts, challenges they encounter, and ways they cope. 

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